Client Testimonials

Below are just a few of the testimonials we have received from clients following treatment:
Thank you very much Helen for sorting my whiplash. I have suffered with it for 13 years and after seeing you twice plus the exercises you have given me to carry out daily it feels dramatically different. I have been able to complete over 10 training sessions for the first time. I have and will continue to recommend you!
Nicola Rossiter

REDS Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic = Amazing, in previous years I've received Physio on my hamstring after tearing it with no joy. Going to Helen she made it so much easier for me being able to run the Half Marathon not only with massage, ultrasound, but giving me excersises to do in the gym, it feels so much better now. Massive thanks to Helen she is definitely 1 in a million.
Sarah Teague

I have had Sports Massage, Physiotherapy and Acupuncture from REDS. It is by far the best and cheapest Physio and Sports Injury Clinic around, I know I've tried them!
Tom Rossiter

Twice this lady has saved my legs, twice I thought I was unable to run the Half Marathons due to injury but after a consultation and good thorough physio session my legs recovered in time, I have recommended REDS Physiotherapy & Sports Injury's services and no doubt I will be using them again!
Roxsanne Carter 


The reason I love REDS Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic so much is because Helen offers honest, professional advice whilst considering what suits me personally. She is a one off in the sense that she gives you all of the guidance you need to recover as quickly as possible. As a runner she has treated a fair few of my injuries now and has given me some fantastic exercises in order to prevent further injury. The ultrasound worked a treat on my calf muscle! I'd also highly recommend Helen's Sports Massage, it wasn't relaxing but it really sorted my aching shoulder out! Highly recommended.

Layla Gunter


Helen is fab, such a lovely, caring lady, easy to talk to and knows what she is talking about! I went to see her a year ago, I was in agony with my legs, which turned out I had shin splints, she help me out with setting up a programme to let them heal with minimal impact on them, I managed to not lose any of my fitness with the help of Helen. Highly recommended in my books.

Nikki Barrington